Wild Foraged – Forest, Sea and Mountains

This year’s theme during Åre Gastronomy Week 2021 is Wild Foraged – Forest, Sea and Mountains.

It’s the words that will set the tone and feeling during the week and the words that will inspire our Chefs, guests and producers. 

Wild Foraged can be a plethora of things to different people, but what it comes down to is taking part in and respecting what nature has to offer. We will use and create from what naturally exists around us and we want the food and beverages during the week to be spiced with this in mind.

Wild Foraged also means that you’ll follow the seasons, thus become a basis for gastronomic sustainability as well as being a driving force for creativity and innovation.

It keeps our Chefs on their toes and guests curious.

Welcome to Åre Gastronomy Week 2021!

Wild Foraged – Forest, Sea and Mountains