Travelling to Åre

There are many different ways to get to Åre and here are a few different alternatives.


SJ has both day and overnight trains heading to Åre. We can recommend the night train as a convenient way to get up to Åre. Climb on and fall asleep asleep at your start destination and wake up in the beautiful wintery Åre.

If you live along the northern coast or between Östersund and Sundsvall, Norrtåg is a very good alternative with many departures to Åre.


If you want to arrive faster, there are two airports in the vicinity of Åre; Åre/Östersund airport and Vaernes in Trondheim.
Åre/Östersund Airport is operated by the airlines SAS and BRA, which have direct flights from Arlanda and Bromma and connecting flights from all over Sweden.

Vaernes airport is controlled by Norwegian.


Airport bus from Åre Östersunds Airport.
Airport bus

Airport taxi from Åre Östersund Airport
Airport taxi


Information about buses in Åre.


The distance to Åre from Stockholm is around 630, km from Gothenburg is about 890 km and from Malmö is about 1120 km. If you choose to drive up, keep updated on any accidents and roadworks on Traffic Information website.


Björn Olssons Taxi: 0647-505 55

Topp Taxi: 0647-220 20

Åre Taxi: 0647-100 22