We would like to extend a big thank you to all participating restaurants & companies in Åre, our generous suppliers and an extra thank you to our sponsors. It is thanks to you that we can continue to implement and develop Åre Gastronomy Week.


 Melleruds – Presenting Sponsor

Melleruds Brewery knocked the tap out of the barrel as early as 1904 and provided the Swedes with good beer in classic Pilsner style for over 50 years before the brewery was closed down. Inspired by the history of the brewery, brewmaster Richard Bengtsson brought life to Melleruds a few years ago and now offers harmonious pilsner brewed on the freshest barley malt and the most classic hop varieties – Melleruds Excellent Pilsner for home cooking and Melleruds Classic Ale for all this year’s food festivals.



Skistar – Gold Sponsor

Skiing is the Nordic region’s largest supplier of skiing experiences. At skistar.com you can book accommodation, lift passes, rent skis and fix everything for a fantastic skiing holiday here in Åre, Hemsedal, Sälen, Trysil or why not Hammarbybacken in Stockholm.
More about Skistar at skistar.com



Svensk Cater – Gold Sponsor

Svensk Cater is a full-range wholesaler for the outdoor eating market in Sweden. They are located in 20 locations in Sweden, and thanks to their geographical spread, they are always close to both customers and markets. At each location there is a carefully selected range of products in stock.

A strong, local commitment is their signature. They combine the strongest brands in the international market with goods from local producers and constantly improve their range. The goal for their customers is to be a flexible, local partner that provides service, added value and consideration.