Our views on COVID-19

Åre Gastronomy Week is an event where many different happenings take place in many different places around Åre village. Each individual restaurant and host will follow the guidelines developed by, among others, the industry organisations Visita and HRF together with the Swedish Public Health Agency.

We as organisers will of course do the same for all programs and events we organise ourselves as our wish if for you as our guests to feel safe visiting our festival.

With that said, we also want to ask for your help. We urge you all to take personal responsibility seriously and follow the recommendations and restrictions that apply. 

Not just to protect yourselves but to protect each other!

Åre has a well-operated and communicated protocol on safety surrounding COVID-19 and we all work hard to keep our village and all our guests safe and secure.

Hand-in-hand with Åre Destinations website, Åre Sweden, we’ll continue to discuss and update each other on the latest in order to make sure that we all follow the same guidelines and restrictions.