5 Quick Questions with Fredrik Larsson

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Fredrik Larsson 5 quick questions as he’s bringing Boqueria’s concept to Åre this winter and this he had to say …

Who are you?

My name is Fredrik Larsson and I am The Creative and Gastronomic Leader for Boqueria. I’m from Stockholm, have previously been Captain of The Swedish National Team in the Culinary Olympics and have worked in different countries around the world. Outside of my job, I love to hunt and I spend a lot of time outdoors.

Tell us why you choose to open Boqueria in Åre.

We’ve been planning on expanding for a long time and we wanted people to experience what Boqueria is in other places. Boqueria is a very lively and happy place to be, as is Åre. We think we’ll be able to contribute in an exciting way to the already great restaurant scene here in the village.

Why do you think it’s important to be a part of Åre Gastronomy Week?

As most people know, the restaurant scene in Åre is fantastic, we want to contribute to that and we want our guests to experience Åre’s food. Åre Gastronomy Week is a step in allowing us all to be really creative together in the village. To work closely and, above all, break up everyday life a little. It would be great fun if everyone together could participate in Gastronomy Week and convert Åre into a large culinary market so that guests can taste everything there is to offer here. A little food court feeling.

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with? 

Vegetables, of course, but everyone says that. Well, I love almost every ingredient/product, as long as it’s of good quality. However, I prefer to cook in the autumn as the vegetables have grown over the summer and taste a little more. It’s now hunting season, game is fantastic and it’s important that we eat more of it.

Last question, we are soon approaching Christmas, which is your favourite item on the Christmas table?

Herring! In all forms. We should eat more herring year round. That’s how good it really is!