5 Quick Questions with Patrik Andersson

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Patrik Andersson, Head Chef at Capo 5 quick questions and this is what he had to say …

Who are you?
I moved to Åre to ski, directly after i graduated. 10 years, a few summer seasons and a bunch of different jobs later…and now I live here year round and work as the Head Chef at Capo.

Tell us about Capo
Capo is located in Hotell Åregården. It’s a Swedish bistro with French elements, but that doesn’t stop us from using parmesan or marcona almonds for ex. because we think it’s so damn tasty. I guess if you’ve been in Åre during the autumn, you’ve probably seen that we’re building a new entrance. So on December 13, we’ll open the new doors and maybe giving out some more news.

Why do you think it’s important to be a part of Åre Gastronomy Week?
I think Åre Gastronomy Week is a great chance for all of us who are working with gastronomy in the village to develop and see other things than the VM8:an lift queue.

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?
BUTTER! I challenge everyone to name something that doesn’t taste better with butter. I almost always choose fish before meat and like to work a lot with herbs.

Last question, we are soon approaching Christmas, which is your favourite item on the Christmas table?
Even match between the herring and the ham, but if I have to choose, I’ll take the herring.