5 Quick Questions with Linnea Lindgren

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Linnea Lindgren, Head Chef at Creperie & Logi 5 quick questions and this is what she had to say …

Who are you?

My name is Linnea Lindgren and I’m the Head Chef at Creperie & Logi.

Tell us why you think it’s important to be a part of Åre Gastronomy Week and what have you chosen to do?

This is the first time we’re a part of it, which is wicked! It feels really exciting to be part of Åre Gastronomy Week. To seize the opportunity to inspire each other and provide our guests with a unique meal. It’s also fun that restaurants and chefs get the opportunity to be extra creative and come up with something new just for this week.

We at Creperiet think it’s important for everyone to feel welcome. It should be easy to make a customised alternative for food allergies as naturally as there are vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu. I’m inspired by the greener kitchen and therefore chose to produce a vegan and vegetarian special menu for the week.

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?
Jag love the variation you can create with root vegetables.

Tell us about the Creperie and its philosophy?
The focus of the Creperie is to serve French galettes and crepes as well as French, dry cider. By using Swedish, local ingredients and raw materials we have made our own interpretation. The philosophy of Creperie is that everyone should feel welcome and we therefore have a menu with different price ranged dishes.

Can we find you in other places?

Sure can! Creperie & Logi was started in Visby in the “strykjärnshuset” and now we’re also in Vasastaden in Stockholm.