5 Quick Questions with Glenn Söderberg

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Glenn Söderberg 5 quick questions about taking over the popular restaurant Fjällpuben with his wife Anette, Åre Gastronomy Week and some other favourites. This is what he had to say …


Who are you?
Glenn Söderberg, own and run Rautjoxa and Fjällpuben together with my wife Anette.
We also run a small summer restaurant Lergrav Fisk & Café, on Gotland during the summer.
Why do you think it’s important to be a part of Åre Gastronomy Week?
It’s important to emphasise that food and the restaurants here are a big part of Åre being Northern Europe’s best ski resort. 
What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?
Scallops. They can be utilised in so many different ways and meld well with other flavours!
Ideally, you want to buy it fresh, still on the shell from our neighbours in Norway.
Tell us about your plans for Fjällpuben.
We’re not only humbled, but grateful to have the opportunity to manage this cosy spot. It has a great feel to it, most likely because there’s been great restaurants here for over 40 years. We will of course continue to serve well-prepared food with inspiration from Jämtland, Norrland and the coast of Tröndelag.
We want to create a relaxed and family atmosphere, where it feels as natural to come in and just have a glass of wine as it does to eat and three course dinner. We’re really pleased with our new bar, as it adds more life to the room and it gives our guests a place to feel at home. Whether it’s to come a little earlier and have a drink before dinner or to hang out around afterwards for an espresso and grappa.
What’s your favourite dish?
My favorite dish on our menu is the reindeer! It’s a really satisfying feeling to be able to serve high quality Swedish reindeer with and decadent juniper berry cream sauce. Sustainable, honest and good!