Åre Gastronomy

12-18 april 2021

Melleruds Alkoholfria Pilsern Skistar

Wild Foraged – Forest, Sea and Mountains

This year’s theme during Åre Gastronomy Week 2021 is Wild Foraged – Forest, Sea and Mountains.


WE’RE BACK – 2021

Put it in your calendar, February 8-14, (week 6) 2021!

2020 has been, to say the least, an interesting year. We narrowly managed to complete Åre Gastronomy Week 2020 before Covid-19 hit and have closely followed the developments since then.

But, despite the pandemic, we must continue to live and enjoy life, even though we may now have to do it in a slightly different way. With that in mind, we have decided to implement Åre Gastronomy Week also in 2021. Exactly what the program will look like and what changes we must make to make the event “corona-safe” remains to be seen.


Our views on COVID-19

Åre Gastronomy Week is an event where many different happenings take place in many different places around Åre village. Each individual restaurant and host will follow the guidelines developed by, among others, the industry organisations Visita and HRF together with the Swedish Public Health Agency.


Welcome to Åre Gastronomy’s Industry Day 2020

Future Trends & Flavours


5 Quick Questions with Glenn Söderberg

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Glenn Söderberg 5 quick questions about taking over the popular restaurant Fjällpuben with his wife Anette, Åre Gastronomy Week and some other favourites. This is what he had to say …

Are you ready for this?

We have great news!

Mellerud’s brewmaster Richard Bengtsson visited Åre shortly after New Year’s. Specifically, he visited Daniel and Anders at their brewery, Åre Bryggcompagni. They put their creative heads together and created a collab beer for Åre Gastronomy Week!

This beer is developed with focus on the food it will be pairing during Åre Gastronomy Week. It’s characterised with a fine maltiness, balanced with a wonderful bitterness and aroma from the dry hopping. The beer is fermented with a Norwegian farmhouse yeast brewed to add fruity esters such as orange and citrus. The raw materials are 100% ORGANIC malt & 100% ORGANIC hops.

In addition to creating a fantastic beer, the collaboration has led to Melleruds helping Åre Bryggcompagni to become an Organic Craft Brewery, which is relatively uncommon among Sweden’s microbreweries.

The beer will be available at all participating restaurants in Åre during the week, so be sure to try it out!

You can also taste it in our Pop-Up Restaurant at Åre Square, either in connection with the Chef of the Year Pop-Up Dinners or during the days when lunches will be served in the restaurant.

See you during Åre Gastronomy week!

5 Quick Questions with Linnea Lindgren

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Linnea Lindgren, Head Chef at Creperie & Logi 5 quick questions and this is what she had to say …


Pop-Up Restaurant program for 2020 is here!

 The Pop-Up Restaurant will be back again after last year’s success and will be an important part of Åre Gastronomy Week.


5 Quick Questions with Patrik Andersson

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Patrik Andersson, Head Chef at Capo 5 quick questions and this is what he had to say …


5 Quick Questions with Fredrik Larsson

Before Åre Gastronomy Week kicks off, we took the opportunity to ask Fredrik Larsson 5 quick questions as he’s bringing Boqueria’s concept to Åre this winter and this he had to say …


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