Without help from all participating companies in Åre, volunteers and partnerships with our sponsors, it would be difficult, if not impossible to implement
Åre Gastronomy Week.


Skistar is Scandinavia’s biggest supplier of ski experiences. At skistar.com you can book accommodations, ski passes, ski rentals and fix everything for a great ski vacation here in Åre, Hemsedal, Salen, Trysil or why not Hammarbybacken in Stockholm.
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You will find most things that have to do with travel, dining, accommodations and things to do in Åre at are360.com. A gathering place for everything you need to know about Åre: how to get to Åre, accommodation options, recommendations for the resort’s restaurants, cafes and bars, tips on various activities for both summer and winter, and of course you can see what the various events on our calendar. In other words: Åre year round.
More about Åre destination at are360.com