Bri Stundon

Bri moved to Sweden about 13 years back from B.C., Canada. She has worked in the Restaurant & Service Industry for 20 years and her background includes Feast of Fields and The Great Canadian Beer Festival on Vancouver Island. British Columbia prides itself on the field to table, boat to table and sustainable way of living. This has helped to foster her passion for good  ingredients and cooking.

Bri has close ties to the Restaurant & Service Industry here and has previously worked as a Chef at Ölbaren in Åre.

+46 (0)73 251 50 14,


Erik Sundsten

Trained sommelier from Grythytte Academy, Erik has many contacts in the Swedish Food and Beverage Industry.
He has also studied Event & Project Development and has worked with several events throughout Åre.

Erik is self-employed in the Food and Beverage Industry and has previously worked in Management and Wine distribution for several of Åre’s restaurants.

+46 (0)76 108 83 20,


Calle Hedman

Calle’s background is Event and Project Management. He has worked with a variety of small and large events throughout Sweden and Internationally.

The last two years Calle has been the Marketing and Sponsorship Manager at World Cup Åre.

+46 (0)73 815 01 13,