In Åre, there are several different places where you can enjoy good food and drinks. We have collected some of them under the title Venues. Here you will find information about restaurants, hotels, the square and the ski systems included in Åre Gastronomy Week.

Here you will find more information about the various restaurants participating in this week’s program. Everything from ground-breaking burgers to the most elegant dishes with Reindeer and Arctic Char!

Here you will find information to stay comfortably and where to experiencing both delicious drinks and food craftsmanship. Don’t forget to check out for their special offers on accommodations for the week!

Åre Square
The heart of Åre is the village square. Here you will be able to enjoy a variety of handcrafted food and beverages in our Glass Gastronomy Lounge. There will be everything from tastings to entertainment and competitions!

Ski Areas
Most people who travel to Åre, do it to experience the best Scandinavian skiing! During ÅGW, you can combine world-class skiing  and dining experiences with the same high standard. Join us for a guided tour of the slopes and add-on a dining package or stop by one of the many cozy restaurants on the mountain.