Åre Gastronomy

2-11 Februari 2017

Åre Gastronomy 2-11 February, 2017

We pay tribute to the restaurants and local food and beverage producers in the culinary village of Åre with unique events, custom designed menus, pop-up farm shops, tastings, take-overs, seminariums, event boosts and guest appearances. Let’s not forget some really unique gastronomic adventures in the mountains and in the ski system.

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February 2-11 is Åre Gastronomy’s fourth consecutive year.

This year we have added many exciting program points in our own events tent with a Pop-Up Bar & Restaurant in the middle of Åre.

The Pop-Up Bar & Restaurant are open from Tuesday the 7th to Saturday the 11th.
Click here -Pop-Up Bar & Restaurant- to learn more.

In addition to the central square, the restaurants in Åre have created a wicked program of activities throughout the week. There will be guest appearances by both chefs and winemakers, special tasting menus, luxurious whiskeys, take-overs from guest bartenders, gastronomic menus, wine tastings, beer tastings and much more.

In addition, we organize two unique gastronomic adventures!

How about a gastronomic expedition tent overnight in the mountains with a private chef? You choose if you want to go off-piste, snowmobiling, or go on touring with snowshoes or skis to a tent camp in the mountains. Click here -Culinary Expedition- to learn more.

Or a completely unique dining at high heights in Åre’s Cable Car? We rebuild the Cable Car into a luxurious dining room complete with a 3-course dinner. Click here -Cable Car Dinner- to learn more.

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